Following a natural or man-made disaster, there are many ways to help your community and it's survivors - even from afar. Survivors of disasters need assistance - from something as simple as a toothbrush and blanket, to medical attention, psychological and therapeutic counseling and more. Following a disaster, if you find yourself wanting to help, there are many ways to do so.

Donate goods/money

Donate blood

Open up Wi-Fi power to family/friends/neighbors

  • Following a major disaster, many are left without power. If you are one of the few who has access to electricity and/or Wi-Fi you can share this with your neighbors, friends or family. This can allow them to charge their electronics, and contact others to let them know they are safe


  • For search-and-rescue teams
  • Contact your local police or fire departments for further information
  • To cook food at a local shelter
  • For clean-up and reconstruction
  • To support local charities
  • At the State or FEMA response site

Help to organize fundraisers/benefits

  • Use social media to begin educational/newsworthy/donation pages
  • Use Facebook to set up a group or disaster page for community members

Communicate with community officials to begin a hashtag campaign for the disaster, that way all information ends up under one campaign

Plan ahead for the next emergency

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