1.) NAPIA’s Legislative Efforts – A Win for Policyholders & Public Adjusters Alike – 1,157 downloads

This podcast discusses the legislative issues affecting the public adjusting industry, such as the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA) – a prominent problem in disaster-affected areas.

Our experts discuss the biggest legislative challenges, how these issues affect consumers, how you can help, and more.

Founded in 1951, the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) advocates for public adjuster education and a higher standard of professional conduct and ethics. NAPIA members are committed to working in the best interest of their clients and to conducting business with integrity. For more than 66 years NAPIA members throughout the U.S. have joined together for the purpose of education, certification, marketing opportunities, legal and legislative representation, scholarship and research and the promotion of the public adjusting profession.

2.) Sometimes It’s What the Policy Doesn’t Say That Counts – 912 downloads

Our expert panel discusses the ins-and-outs of insurance policies, the importance of understanding what your policy covers, as well as what it excludes. Panelists also discuss how those with an insurable interest in a property can protect themselves from issues such as inadequate reimbursement should a disaster occur.

3.) Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria – Helping Policyholders Recovery from a Disastrous Hurricane Season – 806 downloads

Panelists discuss the highly-active 2017 hurricane season and its impact on people, areas, and economy as well as how home and business owners can properly insure themselves for this exposure in coming years. Our roundtable discussion includes how to obtain help from FEMA, the FEMA process, and where to find grants and other funding.

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