Winter Storm Jonas is set to hit the East Coast impacting states and coast lines with high winds, ice and even flooding due to high tides. Dangerous traveling conditions are already in effect with many airline cancelations and difficulty driving due to decreased visibility. Winter storms are known for trapping people in homes and even collapsing buildings. Additionally, large winter storms lay the groundwork for water and ice damage in structures.

Being prepared is the best way to survive any catastrophic disaster; fortunately, there are many things you can do to prepare for and endure a winter storm.

Preparation and tips to survive the storm:

  • Know the difference between a Winter Storm Outlook, Weather Advisory, Watch and Warning.
  • Create an emergency kit to hold provisions for your family for at least 3 days. Include a battery operated or hand-crank radio, extra batteries, medications, important documents and necessities for pets.
  • Keep extra clothing and blankets handy.
  • Create a communications plan to remain in touch with friends, family, neighbors, work and emergency officials. Winter storms can cause power outages; be sure to have a backup plan in case this occurs.
    • Charge all electronics and communications devices ahead of the storm. You can also utilize a car charger for cellphones if you can access your vehicle. These tools can help when the power goes out.
  • Review your property insurance policy. Look into what winter storm damages would be covered or excluded from your policy.
  • Inventory your home or business.
  • Keep gas tanks in vehicles full.
  • Ensure you have an adequate amount of heating fuel. Fuel up and test your generator and/or kerosene heater. Make sure to use both in well ventilated areas and always refuel outside of the building.
  • Keep plenty of snow removal equipment on hand including a roof rake, snow shovels and snow blower. Keep fuel on hand for the snow blower so you don’t run out.
  • Bring all pets indoors for the duration of the storm. To care for livestock ensure adequate shelter and a non-frozen water source.
  • Remain indoors unless you must go out. Drive with caution and keep blankets and an emergency kit with you in your vehicle in case weather conditions cause you to get stuck.

For information on steps to take post-storm, see our checklist here. Furthermore, if you have property damage due to Winter Storm Jonas, contact us for help with your insurance claim at 800.382.2468.