The rash of disasters from which few parts of the globe are escaping has insurance professionals from underwriters to risk managers scrambling to ask – and answer – new questions about how well organizations are protected against such catastrophes. The questions touch issues far more complex than those associated with traditional insurance planning.

This issue of Adjusting Today® examines some of the most critical of these concerns, the understanding of which can be indispensable to protecting an organization’s stability and security.

Adjusters International Firms are available to assist businesses and organizations in reviewing their insurance coverages and potential exposures from a claims perspective. Free subscriptions to Adjusting Today® are one of the many ways that we work to help policyholders and industry professionals alike. For those who have suffered a property loss, we assist in measuring, documenting, and presenting property damage and business interruption/extra expense claims to insurance carriers, helping the policyholder who has sustained damage in securing financial recovery.

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