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Adjusting Today – "Being a Named or Additional Insured Not Always Necessary for Coverage"

Adjusting Today

True or false: the only parties that can receive proceeds from an insurance claim settlement are those the policy specifically identifies as named or additional insureds.

Widespread belief might say this statement is true. But it is not always. There are circumstances under which modern insurance policies can apply coverage to non-insureds. The most prominent of these are discussed in this issue of Adjusting Today, authored by Donald Malecki.

Adjusting Today – "The Effect of the Sale of a Commercial Property on a Pending Insurance Claim"

Adjusting TodayThis issue of Adjusting Today was originally published in 2011. Due to industry changes, author Gary Thompson updated the article to bring you the latest, most updated, and factually correct publication.

When a business suffers damage from a fire, storm or similar disaster, its otherwise normal operations can be seriously disrupted. When the loss takes place while the business is being sold and bought, or recovering from a loss, disruptions of another type arise in the form of questions as to how and whose insurance will cover the damages.  

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