Our latest episode, "When Disasters Become Real: Our Public Adjusters' Recollection of Memorable Cases" of Property Insurance Roundtable focuses on what to do and what not to do in a property damage insurance claims environment. Our panelists discuss their most memorable and sometimes most difficult insurance claims cases they adjusted first-hand. Each expert delves into the challenges faced, unique issues, and lessons learned on a case-by-case basis. Property Insurance Roundtable is free to stream or download and listen on-the-go as an educational resource provided by Adjusters International.

Property managers, multi-family complex owners, school administrators, emergency managers, and business owners alike will benefit from listening to this timely episode. The experts' memorable cases range from a fire at a Midwestern school to two New York City buildings that were damaged during Hurricane Sandy, and more. 

Property Insurance Roundtable currently features eighteen podcast episodes with topics ranging from Business Income Insurance, preparedness and recovery tips from disasters, and property insurance claims advice. To visit the podcast's homepage, click here.

To listen to this episode in it's entirety, click below: