Top Stories of 2016
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1.) "Keep Your Family and Property Safe in a Disaster Situation by Following These Steps!"

Making a plan in advance, and practicing that plan can help organize an otherwise chaotic situation. Here are some of our tips on how to do just that.

2.) "AI's Maria Suppa named the 2017 Chair for Mohawk Valley's March for Babies!"

Adjusters International’s Controller, Maria Suppa was recently named as the 2017 Chair for Mohawk Valley’s March for Babies, also known as the March of Dimes. Maria’s experience with the foundation’s mission comes from her own pregnancy and delivery at just 28 weeks with twins Mary and Anna.

The 6 Natural Disasters You Need to Prepare For3.) "The 6 Natural Disasters You Need to Prepare For"

While there are many generic items such as food, water, an emergency fund, and disaster kits that you can prepare in advance, there are also many things that will need to be done in accordance with specific disasters.  

4.) "Severe Weather: Tornadoes, Lightning, and Floods, Oh My!"

Severe weather can affect every corner of the country at any time, from the vineyards in California to the snowy mountaintops in Vermont. This article lists the tips to help home and business owners become prepared for such events.

5.) "What to Expect Following a Disaster: Costs, Clean-Up, and Coverages"

Despite one’s best efforts to prepare for the inevitable, an unexpected disaster will cause destruction and dismay no matter what. Here are some issues property owners can expect to come across after a disaster has passed.

Claims are negotiable6.) "Things Our Public Adjusters Want You to Know About Property Damage Claims"

Our experts reveal the top items your need to know about your property damage claim based on their experience in the industry with home and business owners alike.

7.) "Protecting Your Property While You're Away"

Learn how to protect your property while you’re away. Whether the absence is due to a seasonal business closing for the winter or summer months, a vacation with family, renovations, or just simply a weekend away, property left alone is vulnerable to many different elements including storms, pranksters and vandalism – all of which can lead to a property damage insurance claim.

8.) Podcast: "Hail Damage Can Create Difficult Insurance Claims"

This episode has real advice from real people in the business of adjusting. Listen in to get your hail damage questions answered.

9.) Podcast: "Flood Insurance"

Our flood insurance industry expert panel answers your flood insurance questions.  This roundtable will help you to understand which types of damages will be covered by normal flood insurance, NFIP and FEMA and who you should call to be certain you have the proper coverages in place.

National Stomp Out Bullying Day10.) "Adjusters International Supports World Stomp Out Bullying Day"

Adjusters International’s employees came together on Monday, October 3rd for World Stomp Out Bullying Day by wearing blue – the color of bullying prevention. Headquartered in Utica, NY, bullying is not only a worldly and national issue to AI, it is also one that hits close to home.

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