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1.) “5 Tropical Storm and Hurricane Preparedness Tips”

A tropical storm can bring heavy rainfall and hurricane-like winds that can destroy or severely damage a property within a short period of time. Also, it is common for a tropical storm to evolve into a hurricane. Here are five tips to get you prepared for any storm that threatens to make landfall.

12 Step Disaster Plan 2.) “Begin Your 12-Step Disaster Plan Today”

Make your New Year’s Resolution one that is attainable, affordable and advantageous by creating a comprehensive 12-step disaster plan for your home, business or family. A full disaster plan can be a daunting and overwhelming task to take on initially. Start off your new year the right way by breaking your plan into manageable monthly duties. Having all of the necessary components planned out beforehand is the foundation for disaster resilience and survival. A disaster plan is exactly that, a plan to help you when the unexpected happens.

3.) “Commercial Cooking Operations – What Do Insurance Inspectors Look For?

Companies that insure restaurants typically use insurance inspectors to evaluate the facilities, specifically the condition of cooking equipment and loss-control practices of the restaurant operations. This enables the insurer to determine whether the operation meets its underwriting requirements and is eligible for insurance. Insurance inspectors will look at the following features or details of the commercial cooking operation and equipment.

4.) “Adjusters International Announces Leadership Changes”

John Marini, Ron Cuccaro and Bob Lucurell are among the three key staff members that will be receiving new titles amidst leadership changes effective with the New Year.

5.) “Suffered damage to your home? Tips to help inventory your possessions”

When a disaster strikes your home, there is little time to waste before you start the recovery process. Before you can file your insurance claim, you must fully document and inventory all of your damaged belongings.

Pet-Disaster-Plan6.) “How to Protect Your Pet in the Event of a Disaster”

Since animals are often considered to be ‘part of the family,’ there should be a plan in place to protect your pet in the chance a catastrophe should arise. Emergencies vary in severity, such as the power going out during a storm, to road closures during a hurricane; it is important to be ready for catastrophes such as these every day. To protect your pet, be sure to have the following items on-hand.

7.) “Common Mistakes Made By Policyholders Following a Property Loss”

Losing a property, home or business is shockingly overwhelming. Even though it may have been ‘just a building,’ essentially a material item, it was yours. In the midst of struggling to rebuild, file paperwork, contact customers and distributors and keep yourself together mentally, there are some important tasks that can be easily forgotten that could cost you in your settlement.

8.) “Four Signs You Need to Hire a Public Adjuster”

Following an unexpected property damage loss, you can expect your insurance company to come prepared with experts. A fire, earthquake, flood, winter storm, hurricane, or other natural disaster can turn your life upside down without a moment’s notice. As an insured policyholder, you have rights and obligations. One of which is the ability to hire a public adjuster to advocate on your behalf. So, how can you tell when you need to bring in a professional to represent your interests?

SOCIAL MEDIA (2)9.) “Top 10 Communication Methods in a Disaster Setting”

Communication during a natural disaster can be difficult. Here are the top 10 methods of communicating with your loved ones, friends and family, even if the power is out.

10.) “How to Help Your Community after a Disaster”

For victims of natural disasters: when flood waters have subsided, the tornado has finished turning your hometown into a place nearly unrecognizable, and the blazing fire has been put to rest, it can feel as if all hope is lost. Damaged properties, businesses, homes and possessions can lead to a feeling of helplessness and asking ‘where do I even begin?’

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