The 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season has gotten off to an early start with Tropical Storm Alberto, which appeared almost two weeks before the season's official start date of June 1st. National Hurricane Preparedness Week 2012, which runs from May 27th through June 2nd, arrives this year on the heels of this first named storm, underscoring the importance of getting an early start on hurricane preparations.

During Hurricane Preparedness Week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides daily tips and information about hurricane preparation. In the form of public service announcements and preparedness guides, the information presented covers everything from hurricane basics through storm surges, winds and inland flooding, to understanding the forecast process and how to make a plan, all the way through what to do after the storm. The U.S. National Weather Service's hurricane preparedness PSAs can be easily viewed via their official YouTube channel, and the NOAA's "Tropical Cyclones: A Preparedness Guide" is available for download via their website.

NOAA has predicted a near-normal 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season, estimating that there will be nine to 15 named storms, of which four to eight will develop into hurricanes with one to three developing into major hurricanes. Over the past thirty years, a normal season averages 12 named storms and six hurricanes, with three of these forming into major hurricanes.

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