Jim, Tim, and Todd, our panel of insurance industry experts take a deep dive into the ins-and-outs of insurance policies in this latest podcast from AI.  “Sometimes It’s What the Policy Doesn’t Say That Counts!” discusses how an insurance policy containing too specific language can actually cause headaches for the insured and those with insurable interest. This is especially important for businesses who are frequently conducting transactions with other businesses.

“Operations call for a wide range of activities, some of which change daily, and this depth and diversity can have a dramatic effect on insurable interests¹,” for example, storing products in another’s warehouse. Our experts discuss how to avoid roadblocks, protect your stake in a property, overcome challenges, and avoid inadequate reimbursement should a disaster occur.

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Corporations, business owners, policyholders, and agents/brokers alike will benefit from listening to this timely episode. Property Insurance Roundtable currently features nineteen podcast episodes with topics ranging from Business Income Insurance, preparedness and recovery tips from disasters, and property insurance claims advice. To visit the podcast’s homepage, click here.

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