We are proud to announce the promotion of RPHC’s Rachele Drinkwine to Proposal Manager. Rachele joined the RPHC team in 2017 as the Operations Coordinator, supporting multiple departments with an energetic approach. As a Proposal Manager, Rachele is responsible for all facets of the proposal process including procurement, writing, editing, design, compliance, and production.

Shifting over to the Proposal Team in 2019 was a natural fit for Rachele; she has a minor in English and managed multiple teams throughout her tenure as a Manager at Hertz for five years. Outside of work, her passion involves theatre and directing which she draws parallels from to assist in her new role.

“With such an intense background in theatre and directing, I love to break things down – such as plays and musicals – to really understand why they are written a certain way, what they mean, and what the playwright is looking for in the overall picture. This helps me in my new role as Proposal Manager because procurement documents are very specific and detail-oriented. Managers must go through the documents with a fine-tooth comb to ensure compliance and to make sure they are assessing all the client’s needs. The same is true with character development in a play or musical.” – Rachele Drinkwine, Proposal Manager

Brooke Stone, JD, CF APMP, RPHC’s Assistant Proposal Director states that Rachele was an obvious choice for a promotion resulting in a move to the Proposal Department.

“Rachele has a desire to do her best with every task with which she is presented, including never shying away from helping in tasks that challenge her and being willing to step up and be a team player – regardless of the task at-hand. Since our team is so newly formed and hired – we rely on Rachele’s unique perspective and experience that is both invaluable to helping our team build even stronger relationships across the company and build, expand, and retain knowledge that can better prepare us to make improvements in our processes and procedures. In the proposal world there is no “I” in team, so we are excited to have such a proven team player join us!”

Join us in congratulating Rachele on her promotion!