Category 3 through Category 5 hurricanes have wind speeds between 111 mph to 155 mph+. Category 5 hurricanes are the highest category and most severe on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Here are some of the common ensuing types of damages resulting from Category 3-5 hurricanes:


  • Buildings will be heavily damaged or destroyed
    • Mobile homes and frame homes are in the most danger of being demolished
  • Major damage to roofs, windows, and doors
    • Roof failure is common in both residential and commercial buildings
    • Glass has a high likelihood of shattering
  • Major damage to lower floors of properties that are within 1,500 ft. of the shore and also less than 15 ft. above sea level¹
  • Area will become uninhabitable


  • Erosion of beaches
  • Coastal evacuation routes may be submerged under water
  • Trees and shrubs will be uprooted and blown over


  • Signage will be destroyed
  • Water shortages
  • Power lines knocked over
    • Outages could last weeks or even months

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