AI/TB’s Vice President, John Agostino recently authored the article title “Microgrids Secure Energy During Disasters: An Emergency Management Perspective” featured in Carleton University’s Infrastructure Resilience Risk Reporter (IR3).

This article “demonstrates the impacts and effects of disasters on our electric power sources, and how microgrids can become our sustained source of electric power.”

“Over the past twenty years our experiences with super storms continues to increase. As our power infrastructure continues to age, its ability to function during these significant disasters continues to erode. Leaders in both government and the private sector continue to search for solutions that will provide sustained and resilient power sources during these events. More importantly, critical services cannot remain off-line waiting for major power sources to bring the power grid back to life. As part of the solution to the impacts of these super storms, we started taking a renewed and invigorated look at microgrids.”

To read and/or download Mr. Agostino’s free article in full, click here and jump to page 10.