Responding to the Worst Hurrincanes, Storms & Floods

Responding to the Worst Hurricanes, Storms & Floods

Leading the Way to Recovery

Adjusters International can put a team of top professionals virtually anywhere, at any time, delivering an unprecedented level of expertise, experience, advocacy and service. It has helped clients of all types recover from many of the worst natural and manmade disasters of the past quarter-century. Among them are property insurance policyholders and FEMA grantees and sub-grantees, for whom Adjusters International’s professionals apply their expertise and advocacy, guiding them through the complicated insurance claim and FEMA application process.

This collection of articles chronicles a variety of recovery operations in which Adjusters International has been involved. Also included are comments from some of the clients we have been privileged to serve.

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Adjusters International Contributes to Rebirth of New Orleans

In New Orleans, Adjusters International’s well-executed strategy and ability to accelerate FEMA funding helped break down the barriers to recovery.

The world’s attention was focused on the city in the days and weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit, as its citizens endured significant and extended hardship and despair. Serious questions were raised regarding disaster preparedness, triggering concerns about similar events in the future, not only in the Gulf Coast region, but in cities, states and nations around the world. (Continued on page 2…)