Responding to the Worst Hurrincanes, Storms & Floods

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Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center

Hurricane Katrina’s fury and lasting impact are historic.The powerful storm brought incredible devastation to countless homes and businesses along the Gulf Coast. It also brought another rapid deployment by Adjusters International to fast- track claims and the rebuilding process.

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center, a beachfront facility built in 1977 in Biloxi, Mississippi, was one of Katrina’s many victims.The storm created an opening in the facility through which the wind and rain entered.The salt sprayed by the winds rusted the stadium seats and ruined the facility’s multimillion dollar scoreboard, while water flooded the interior. Within hours, $35 million dollars in damage had occurred, which would close the coliseum for nine months.

Adjusters International was quickly on the scene and arranged a steady flow of payments from the insurance company to allow the coliseum to rebuild as the claim progressed. Several of Adjusters International’s professionals actually resided in an RV in the coliseum’s parking lot for over a year, persevering until the policy’s limits were realized. Remarkably, the insurance carrier had at first denied the claim altogether! Thanks, however, to the advance payments and steady progress of the claim, the facility reopened to the public shortly after the final payment was received.

Mississippi Coast Coliseum

…Not many, if any, insured on the Missis- sippi Coast can say “we received payment for 100% of our insurance coverage” as we did!

… It was a fact; the facility was hit with the full force of Katrina’s winds and a storm surge of 25 feet, resulting in five [feet of water] throughout the facility. Your professional experience and knowledge of buildings, building operation and insurance is what it took to recover our full limits of the policy…

… I am, in fact, so pleased with what you did for us that I’d like your permission to recommend your services as I travel and speak…and describe our damages and recovery, as you are truly a large part of that recovery. I can attest that if anyone suffers such devastation they should begin with you and your team.

William F. Holmes Executive Director Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center

Responding to the Worst Hurricanes, Storms & Floods