Responding to the Worst Hurrincanes, Storms & Floods

Understanding Depth Key to Helping Southern Pacific Lines

With their experience and knowledge, Adjusters International’s professionals look beyond the obvious to see more than meets the eye.

When a massive flood saturated the Midwest and Southern Pacific’s rail lines, miles of tracks were washed away, creating extensive business interruption and extra expense losses.

Because the railroad transports freight throughout the United States, disruption in any one area can ultimately affect all of the links in the line’s highly interconnected system. Following the flood, such a disruption — in the form of congestion and delays throughout the Southern Pacific’s entire system — is just what took place.

Initially, the insurance company was willing to cover only those costs associated with detouring trains around rail lines that had been flooded. Understanding how the financial impact of the loss was considerably more far-reaching than that, Adjusters International formulated a loss settlement that proved not only the rail line’s total lost net profit, but all of the extra costs it incurred as a result of the flood.

Bank One Tower - Dalcan

…From the time of engagement and until the completion of our insurance settlement, Adjusters International provided us with every service needed to resolve an extremely complicated loss. Your diligence, professionalism and skill brought to us the support we needed to stabilize the property and successfully coordinate a large team of construction and disaster specialists. We wish to offer our gratitude and the strongest possible commendation for your assistance.

Ron Cherry, President Dalcan

Some of the extensive damage inside Bank One tower. | 7

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