Public Adjusters for Homeowners Fire Damage

A house fire is one of the most traumatic events you can experience as a homeowner. When shelter and the livelihood of your family are at stake, our team of public adjusters is there to lift the burden and work on your behalf to get you the most beneficial claim settlement to get your life back together.

As you consider how to deal with an insurance adjuster after a house fire, a call to our team of professional public adjusters can be life-changing.

Pieces of your life have just been lost in a blaze. Your family is without a home. What does your homeowners insurance policy cover? Do you know where to start? How will you know for sure you will get enough to provide for your family? Whether it is partial or extensive fire damage, the time and stress in dealing with your insurance company can take you away from focusing on your family’s immediate safety and well-being. We are there when you need it the most.

We are your trusted advocates and resource in the insurance claims process. We thoroughly document the damage to your home and its contents. We identify the hidden damages that may cause later problems, which may have been missed by your insurance company’s adjuster. We provide a full proof of loss to help maximize the amount you are entitled to recover from your claim. And we negotiate that claim on your behalf to ensure just that.

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What To Focus On After Fire Damage

Make sure you fully understand the meaning of each of the following before you move forward. Feel free to reach out to us for a no-cost discussion about your claim.
  • How can I minimize the emotional toll on my family?
  • How large of an advance should I expect?
  • What is a “scope of loss?”
  • How can the adjuster represent both me and the insurance company?
  • Can my agent really help me with preparing my claim?
  • Why is a claim strategy so important?
  • Understand all of the stake players (board up contractor, contents remediation company, insurance agent, insurance adjuster, public adjuster) and their respective interests. Get educated.
  • Successful evaluation of damages hinges upon a well-coordinated effort between estimators, inventory specialists, and consultants. Do you have the right experts lined up? Should you only rely the insurance company’s cadre of experts?
  • Can smoke damage be cleaned completely from soft goods? Hard goods? Structural elements?
  • What if someone in my family has severe allergies or compromised health?
  • What about mold caused by the water damage? Is that damage covered?
  • What if I incur costs to dry everything out to prevent mold, are those costs covered?
  • What is pressurized smoke?
  • What is the difference between letting the cleaning company remove the contents to estimate the damage and hold them versus removing and cleaning them? Should I let the cleaning company take and clean everything?
  • Can the contract for emergency board up authorize the contractor to do more work than I need done immediately?
  • How long am I really going to be out of my house?
  • Do I have to use my advance to buy furniture for the rental home? Why can’t I just rent the stuff?
  • How much of my time will this take?

Property Damage Losses Homeowners Claims Recovery Process

Property Damage
Time Element
Life & Safety Issues
Mitigation of Damages
Establish A Preliminary Recovery Plan
Evaluation of Coverages
Valuation Of Damages, Claim Preparation, and Documentation
Negotiations & Settlement
Restoration Of Property & Operations

How Our Public Adjusters Help You

  • Evaluate Icon Evaluate Evaluating your insurance policy to establish the best possible strategy for presenting your claim to the insurer.
  • Strategy Icon Strategy Valuing, documenting, and substantiating every detail.
  • Communication Icon Communication Keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Negotiation Icon Negotiation Negotiating on your behalf with your insurance company.
  • Settlement Icon Settlement Ultimately settling the claim for the maximum amount and with less hassle for you.

Homeowners Our Public Adjusters Have Helped

  • Client References & Testimonials

    Client References

    • Andrew and Jean Hoover - Greenwood Village, CO
    • Danny Partielli - Los Angeles, CA
    • Fangyu Gao, Ph.D.
    • Frank and Lisa Gallo - Watertown, NY
    • Gordie and Julie Kosch - Rochester, MI
    • J. Paige Dodson-Sneed
    • Margaret Lenahan - St. Johnsbury, VT
    • Nowal T. Sareini-Shatila - Dearborn, MI
    • Parker H. Petit
    • Paul and Beverly Higa - Kauai, HI
    • Rick Hindin
    • Rita Langworthy - Flint, MI
    • Trudy B. Neuhof


    We had only been in our new custom home for 3 weeks when the unthinkable happened...[and] was destroyed by a fire. Our home was our livelihood, our place of peace, and our largest financial asset. As a business person I was not about to turn that over to clearly unqualified individuals and simply accept less than I was due. You proved that your firm can and will show top financial value and the assurance to get the dollars due and be indemnified for our losses. You fought for us and maximized our settlement on every nook and cranny of the policy.
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    J. Paige Dodson-Sneed
    Prior to the fire that destroyed my mom’s home on Lake Michigan, I did not even know that advocates for the homeowner existed. In retrospect, I do not know how an individual could deal effectively with a fire in the absence of an advocate, especially a good one such as you. You were always prompt, courteous, and thorough, and your advice was spot on. Fortunately our lives have returned to normal, and in the relatively short period of just six months. I am convinced that this would not have been possible in the absence of your expertise and kindness.
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    Sharon Carter
  • Case Studies

    A major fire swept through a 20-story office condominium in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii. It was one of the most extreme fires in the city’s history. Fire forces from across the entire island came to the site to battle the eight-hour blaze, and numerous firefighters were injured in the process.

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