Adjusters International Earthquake Claim


Losing your property to fire can be debilitating, but you must start the claims process to take control of your recovery. It may not be as simple as relying on the insurance company to offer a settlement. Enlist a licensed public adjuster, independent of the insurance company, to leverage your policy in your favor and secure a full settlement.

Adjusters International Water Damage Claim

Water Damage

A storm or broken pipe can quickly damage your home or commercial property. Left unrepaired, it can cause mold to grow, jeopardizing your family or employees' health. Immediate cleanup is necessary, but you need to start the insurance claims process first. Our licensed public adjusters will manage the entire water damage claim.

Adjusters International Storm Claim


Has a winter storm caused major damage to your home or business? Are you confused by what you need to do to ensure that you receive the best settlement possible from your insurance company? Our public adjusters will lift your burden and manage every step of your storm damage insurance claim so that you can focus on your family or business.

Adjusters International Wildfire Claim


We understand the financial and emotional toll a wildfire can take on property owners, and that the claims process that follows may lead to deeper frustration on what to do next. Our licensed public adjusters are your advocates and claim experts. We handle the claim and leverage the full benefits of your insurance policy so that you can come back stronger.

Adjusters International Collapse Claim


A severe storm or unknown structural issue has caused your business or home to collapse. Your insurance policy may cover collapse, but as the policyholder the process of managing the claim is your responsibility. Our licensed public adjusters will handle the claim for you and remove the possibility of an inadequate settlement.

Adjusters International Hail Claim


After a hailstorm, the full extent of damage to your property may not be fully visible and can be overlooked by the insurance company’s adjuster. Left unrepaired can result in leakage and structural issues. Our licensed public adjusters use state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology and decades of expertise to identify every dent, crack, and puncture.

Adjusters International Tornado Claim


A tornado can raze your building or home in seconds. While you get your bearings and look after your employees and/or family, you do not need the added stress of managing a complicated property damage insurance claim. Our licensed public adjusters will prepare a comprehensive claim, which is vital to your financial recovery.

Adjusters International Business Interruption Claim

Business Interruption

Natural and man-made disasters can have catastrophic consequences for a business. Business interruption insurance provides protection, but there can be significant subjectivity in determining the impact and extent of the interruption. Our team of licensed public adjusters manages the entire claim to ensure accurate accounting for a fair and just settlement.

Adjusters International Construction Claim

Builder's Risk

A natural or man-made disaster has unexpectedly halted your construction project. You may have paid for builder’s risk insurance, but now you have to know how to use it. Do you know the hard and soft costs of your project and if they will be considered in your claim? Our licensed public adjusters will ensure that all costs are accounted for in your builder's risk insurance claim.

Adjusters International Hurricane Claim


Managing a hurricane property damage insurance claim on your own can become a full-time job on top of taking care of your employees and/or family. The insurance company will have its own adjuster to work on your claim, which is why you have the right to have an adjuster of your own – a licensed public adjuster. We expertly assess hurricane damage and secure fair settlements.

Adjusters International Earthquake Claim


Your business or home has just been damaged or destroyed by an earthquake. It has thrown you off balance and placed a pivotal responsibility in front of you – filing an insurance claim. How you handle the process can determine a full or insufficient settlement, which is why our licensed public adjusters will handle it for you to ensure the best possible outcome.

Adjusters International Cybersecurity Claim


Unfortunately, confidential data breaches have become commonplace. Whether the result of an accidental leak by an employee or deliberate intrusion by a hacker, time is of the essence to minimize the damage. Our public adjusters specialize in working with businesses of all sizes to manage the insurance claims process for data breaches and other cybersecurity issues.

Adjusters International Flood Claim


A flood can quickly damage your property and, if improperly dealt with, can cause safety hazards for family and employees. Before cleanup and restoration, you need to start the flood damage claims process. Our licensed public adjusters lift this burden by managing the entire claim and representing your interests to the insurance company.