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The persistence of the AI team as our advocate allowed us to work through the maze of paperwork required by the carrier and to expedite resolution of our claim. AI personnel were always available to meet with my staff, whether it was during business hours, late at night, or at any time during any weekend. On every occasion that the insurance company brought in an additional "expert" to minimize our claim and drag the claim process out, you countered with an AI professional who was more than able to level the playing field for us.

Bruce Thompson
Professional Hospitality Resources, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA

We would have had much difficulty in handling the various complex issues without your good office, and we would be more than happy to recommend you to other companies who have similar incidents in the future.

David Bell
Financial Director
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Hair & Beauty Spa, London, UK

We were always aware of the complex issues the claim generated and the difficulty that some of them posed. Your professionalism, knowledge and steadfastness were outstanding and the ultimate result certainly met our most optimistic expectations.

Thomas W. Aro
Executive Vice President
Alpha Hospitality Corporation, New York, NY

Had you been handling and guiding the preparation and presentation of all our damage estimates from the beginning, our recovery could have been far greater. I speak from experience when I say that estimates given "off the cuff" and without consideration of all the insurance policy's provisions can come back to haunt you.

Lanny L. Uden, P.E.
Director of Civil Engineering
Board Of Public Utilities, Kansas City, KS

As a result of your work, our claim went from (the insurance carrier's) initial assessment of $2,749,525 to an agreed-upon amount of $8,232,321. Your professionalism with our carrier was appreciated and your ability to work with the limited information the school district was able to provide you was amazing. We would like to continue to use Adjusters International in the event that we have another large loss, although I hope that doesn't happen.

Cheryl Johnson
Director of Risk Management
Dallas Public Schools, Dallas, TX

As the dust settled and it became clear that there was no one on our side, we began to think that maybe we could use some help. ...It became evident from referrals and your intensity and conviction that you were clearly the best choice for us. We never looked back. We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job that you did. You were there for us every step of the way. You fought for us unwaveringly on difficult matters. You got us more than double what we probably would have gotten had we not hired you. You were worth every penny we paid you. We would never consider handling a claim of this size without you.

Calvin S. Oki
Building Manager
Interstate Building, Honolulu, HI

You leveled the playing field and made sure that we were represented professionally in every aspect of our losses. Your thorough cataloging and evaluation of our damaged personal property and your precise review of our building damage was instrumental in reaching a fair settlement. I spent numerous hours with your in-house forensic accountants who allowed us to recover in a fashion that never would have been achieved had we not retained your firm.

Ian Gaum
Asset Manager
La Salle Hotel Properties, Bethesda, MD

When it was initially suggested that we hire an independent loss consultant, I must admit I was skeptical of the need. However, I am convinced beyond all doubt that it was the best decision for the district to retain your services. ...If I could give anyone who was unfortunate enough to suffer a loss one piece of advice, it would be to retain Adjusters International as soon as possible after the occurrence.

Kenneth W. Rezac
Business Manager
Oregon City Public Schools, Oregon City, OR
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