Responding to the Worst Disasters


Bank One Tower in Path of Tornado that Slammed Fort Worth

Here again, Adjusters International’s skilled professionals and attentive service stabilized a chaotic situation and helped a client resolve a complicated loss.

A Category F2 tornado, with winds up to 157 mph, moved through the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, ripping apart structures that Bank One Tower - Dalcan stood in its path. Among them was The Bank One tower, a 36-story skyscraper that became engulfed by the swift-moving funnel cloud. According to witnesses, the windows bowed six to seven inches before bursting.The owner of the building, Dalcan, selected Adjusters International out of 13 public adjusting firms it interviewed to help with their insurance claim.

Adjusters International brought about settlement of the loss only four months after the tornado struck.The building damage was fully reimbursed and funds were negotiated to cover code upgrade costs, which exceeded the building damage settlement.

When it comes to insurance adjusting, it helps to have an ally who speaks your language.

In late winter, the capital city of Caracas, Venezuela, was deluged with rainfall resulting in flooding and mudslides that crippled the port city.The region suffered considerable infrastructure damage and its ports were shut down for an extended period of time.

Cargill, an international distributor of agricultural goods, had several operations there. The firm’s facilities and warehoused products sustained minor damage; however, its flour manufacturing facility suffered a multimillion dollar loss of revenue due to an inability to receive raw materials and ship finished goods.

With headquarters in Minneapolis, Cargill turned to Adjusters International for assistance. Adjusters International promptly assigned a bilingual senior adjuster and business income specialist to handle the preparation, presentation and settlement of the claims.

The adjuster’s bilingual capability facilitated the English-Spanish translation process and was instrumental in achieving a successful recovery from this loss.

…From the time of engagement and until the completion of our insurance settlement, Adjusters International provided us with every service needed to resolve an extremely complicated loss. Your diligence, professionalism and skill brought to us the support we needed to stabilize the property and successfully coordinate a large team of construction and disaster specialists. We wish to offer our gratitude and the strongest possible commendation for your assistance.

Ron Cherry President Dalcan

Speaking the Language for Cargill Industries

Some of the extensive damage inside Bank One tower. | 7