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York International

…York International truly appreciates all of your efforts on these matters. Your expert interpretation of the policy language to identify the available coverage and ensure all covered aspects of the loss were investigated and made part of the claim if appropriate. Your personnel dealt professionally with the insurance company and their plethora of hired experts, which clearly helped secure a settlement that was fair for all involved…

Wayne M. Naylor Assistant Treasurer and Director of Risk Management York International Corporation

Past successes in settling claims presented Adjusters International with another opportunity to be of service to a previously satisfied client — York International, one of the top manufacturers of air conditioning units in the country.

Those affiliated with York International’s manufacturing facility in York, Pennsylvania will never forget the events that took place on the evening of February 2, 1998. At 11:40 p.m., several tanks of compressed air exploded, causing a powerful blast that obliterated the manufacturing building, causing millions of dollars in damage. Recalling the success Adjusters International achieved in settling a loss at one of their subsidiaries several years before, York’s management again called in the Adjusters International team, which quickly went to work quantifying the damages and coordinating emergency repairs.

Adjusters International’s experts set into motion a recovery process that expedited rebuilding and allowed the company to remain in production, with the additional related costs of both covered in the policy.

Furthermore, while adjusting the explosion claim, an ice storm caused an interruption to York’s operations in Bristol, Virginia. Adjusters International was immediately asked to assist with that loss, helping York overcome yet another disaster.

The coordination of the two claims and York’s recovery was complicated and challenging, but each culminated in a successful settlement for the client.


Explosion at York International

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Sweetheart Cup Suffers Major Fire

Using its specialized resources and expertise, Adjusters International helped this business, devastated by fire, get back on track.

Sweetheart Cup Company is the largest manufacturer of single-use disposable products for the food and beverage service industry. As the result of a major fire at its Fire 200,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Somerville, Massachusetts, the firm experienced millions of dollars in losses.

Initially, Sweetheart Cup executives undertook the task of preparing the claim themselves, until they encountered numerous problems with their insurance company.

After reviewing Adjusters International’s references, the company’s executives determined that Adjusters International had the resources and expertise to handle their claim and get their business back on track.

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