Responding to the Worst Disasters


Adjusters International Assisted State of Oklahoma after Bombing

The tragic bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 was another instance in which, following a demonstration of humankind’s darkest side, men and women came together to do the extraordinary.

The massive explosion from a fertilizer bomb resulted in 167 deaths and numerous injuries. Damages from the blast totaled some $652 million. Due to the magnitude of the disaster, the Governor’s Task Force on Damage Assessment retained the services of Adjusters International to prepare a preliminary damage assessment for more than 320 buildings, as well as the financial losses sustained by individuals, businesses and governments.This monumental task was completed within a remarkably short two-week period — providing a prompt, essential first step in initiating closure and recovery from this dreadful occurrence.

Gulf War PAAC

… I would like to seize this opportunity to thank you and all the…staff for their commitment in terms of time and resources to ensure that the tasks were accomplished in a timely fashion.

As an authority, we have yet a long way to go, however, I am sure with the transfer of Adjusters International’s specialized skills and knowledge to PAAC adjusting counterparts, we will overcome any hurdles.

On behalf of the PAAC Management and the other Authority staff, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the members of the Adjusters International team, who have proved by their perseverance, endurance and specialized skills, that almost nothing is impossible…

Dr. Adel Asem Director-General Public Authority for Assessment of Compensation for Damages Resulting from Iraqi Aggression

Helping Kuwait Recover from the Gulf War

The effects of Iraqi aggression during the 1990- 1991 Gulf War were both immediate and long- term — and the task of calculating the damages, immense. To oversee the latter, the Government of Kuwait established the Public Authority for Assessment of Compensation for Damages Resulting from Iraqi Aggression (PAAC).The PAAC turned to Adjusters International to help prepare its war reparations submissions to the United Nations.

The project, which lasted approximately six months, required the integration of a wide range of activities, including developing the actual United Nations claims forms, establishing field claim offices, receiving over 150,000 individual claims from Kuwaiti citizens and the preparation of consolidated claim verification reports.

This engagement was not only unique, but one of Adjusters International’s most intense and far-reaching ever.

The Oklahoma City tragedy chilled a nation.

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