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Treasure Bay Casino

The owner of the Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, was devastated when Hurricane Katrina hammered not only his business, but his home as well.

Treasure Bay is a floating casino, fashioned like a pirate ship and connected to a fort-style building by a gangway. The fort is home to the casino’s restaurants, offices and souvenir shops. Across the street lies Treasure Bay’s 15-story hotel.

The casino was demolished by water, while wind victimized the hotel, ripping off half of the roof, blowing in guest room doors and windows, and filling the hallways with sheet rock.

The loss was complicated by insurance coverage issues involving a total of nine insurance policies. Adjusters International’s staff prepared and documented the insurance claims, which exceeded $20 million. Their expertise was put to test in proving which portions of the losses were caused by water and which were caused by the wind.

Pleased with Adjusters International’s successful handling of the casino loss, Treasure Bay’s CEO hired Adjusters International to adjust the claim for his destroyed beachfront home as well. Adjusters International settled the claim for the limits of the insurance policy. In contrast, many of his neighbors who also owned damaged homes on the very same street but did not retain Adjusters International’s services, received little or nothing from their insurance carriers.

Restoring Form and Function to the Biltmore Hotel

Time and again, Adjusters International has proven its ability to cut through bureaucratic red tape, achieve results and guide clients to a fair settlement.

Despite its storied history as the lodging of choice for royalty, the luxurious Biltmore Hotel at Coral Gables-Miami could not escape the wrath of hurricanes Katrina and Wilma.

Katrina left behind 150 damaged rooms and Wilma added 30 more. Also damaged were 85 roof surfaces, the golf course, restaurants, gift shops, bars and other facilities, leading to drastically interrupted revenue.

Four months after filing their insurance claims and without a penny received, Biltmore officials took the advice of their insurance broker and hired Adjusters International.

Immediately, the Adjusters International team went to work negotiating with multiple insurance adjusters and accountants.The results were outstanding. With Adjusters International’s assistance, Biltmore restored both function and form, with the rebuilding meeting the stringent historic registry requirements of the City of Coral Gables — including such details as correct replacement of roof tiles, which had to be imported from Spain.

The hotel was returned to its original beauty and continues to welcome guests to a magnificently restored property.

Biltmore Hotel

…Your firmwas proactive, brought in exceptional expertise and consultants who were always informed and professional, and guided the insurance companies to a reasonable and fair settlement. You were conscious of our cash flow needs for a substantial reconstruction project, and were always available and immediately responsive to every question we had throughout the process. When the representatives for our next layers of insurance coverage were not fully cooperative and were resistant to becoming involved in the loss evaluation, you were able to professionally and productively demand meetings and conference calls to move through the red tape and achieve results…

Jim Pelletier Biltmore, Coral Gables-Miami


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Responding Shaped like a pirate ship, the floating casino was demolished by water.