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We build and uphold our reputation every day by successfully managing claims and getting our clients the financial recovery they need to return to their lives sooner. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you and how we can help. As you consider having us work on your behalf, see what some of our clients are saying.
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We had initially thought we would be able to assess the damage and work with FEMA and our insurance carrier's adjusters by ourselves. It quickly became evident that we were going to need help. We realized we did not have the personnel, time or expertise it was going to take to deal with complex governmental regulations and equally complex insurance and adjusting issues, especially when it was taking all the resources we had just to get essential county services up and running again. ...AI really came to the rescue. You delivered what you promised, and that counts for everything down here in South East Texas.
Cary Erickson, SPHR
Director of Human Resources and Risk Management
Jefferson County, Texas
As a result of your work, our claim went from (the insurance carrier's) initial assessment of $2,749,525 to an agreed-upon amount of $8,232,321. Your professionalism with our carrier was appreciated and your ability to work with the limited information the school district was able to provide you was amazing. We would like to continue to use Adjusters International in the event that we have another large loss, although I hope that doesn't happen.
Cheryl Johnson
Director of Risk Management
Dallas Public Schools, Dallas, TX
Based upon the recommendation by the hotel's legal counsel, Adjusters International was retained as "insurance adjusters" representing the hotel's interest. Adjusters International immediately took control of the situation, first, by meeting with the hotel consultant group and coordinating their repair plans and establishing a protocol for dealing with the insurer. Second, establishing guidelines for the insurer, their consultants and adjusters ...The primary benefit was that the hotel consultant team and general contractors were allowed to focus on the earthquake repairs instead of dealing with the insurance adjusters. Adjusters International performed their duties in a highly professional manner exhibiting extraordinary knowledge in insurance claims processing, representing and fighting for the best interests of the policyholder...
Clyde Takayama
Director of Engineering
Mauna Kea Resort, Kohala Coast, HI
I can see that the first few weeks after a fire there are several decisions that no one should face without a professional firm. The subsequent work your team performed by bringing in engineers, contractors and appraisers was invaluable and something we could never have accomplished as quickly and effectively.
Conrad C. Rehagen
Rustic Wood Products, Inc., Perryville, MO
Although I know much about the bowling business, the insurance maze was daunting. The knowledge and expertise your representative exhibited in regards to our fire insurance coverage enabled us to get our bowling business up and running within a short period of time, with more than adequate compensation for the damages. When the second catastrophe occurred, it was a no-brainer to call on your firm again. I will not hesitate to call on your firm again, should the need present itself.
Craig A. Vogel
King Pin Lanes, Rome, NY
You and your team have provided invaluable assistance in the College's recovery efforts in response to Tropical Storm Allison in 2001. Your knowledge of the often complex FEMA process, coupled with your insurance industry experience, have been of enormous benefit to us.
Cyndi M. Baily
Deputy General Counsel
Baylor College of Medicine
[Your public adjuster] was instrumental in retaining the value of our home after the storm. He offered superior service and walked us through each step of the claim process. His assessment of the damage was thorough and far exceeded the assessment of the insurance company, allowing us to fully recover the [hail]storm's damage. He was persistent when dealing with the insurance company and continuously fought for top dollar on our claim, enabling us to use contractors with whom we were comfortable.
Dan and Bridget Katz
Homeowners, Denver, CO
... In addition to my background as an investor and developer, I am a lawyer and fairly well-versed in the nuances of insurance coverage and insurance case law... This case however, took the prize... it was clearly worth the time and effort since the ultimate settlement was over 300% of the amount that the insurers argued that we were entitled to. I want to thank you and your entire team for your excellent work and results.
Dan Safier
Prado Group, Inc., San Francisco, CA
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