Responding to the Worst Disasters


12 | Adjusters International

Responding Earthquake Triggered Pillsbury Engagements

Creative solutions and skillful negotiations are key ingredients for keeping a claim on track.

In one of its earliest engagements, Adjusters International was proud to have helped giant food maker Pillsbury recover from losses at two of its food processing operations.

Pillsbury’s Watsonville, California facility, which was its West Coast storage and distribution center of frozen products as well as the site of its production lines for Green Giant frozen vegetables, was shaken so severely during an earthquake that its main refrigeration lines split, leaking ammonia gas throughout the plant. In addition, buildings and equipment suffered physical damage.The result was millions of dollars worth of frozen food destroyed due to contamination, resulting in reallocation of product from other distribution centers across the United States. Pillsbury also lost productivity and capacity as they missed the packing season for products that could not be processed. Fields of vegetables remained unharvested and were eventually worthless.

In a separate incident, the company’s Wellston, Ohio, plant — a branch of Pillsbury’s pizza business that produces Jeno’s brand frozen pizza — was affected by an ammonia gas leak caused by an explosion.The gas actually leaked into the nearby town, forcing the temporary evacuation of its 5,000 residents.

In both cases, Adjusters International helped guide the company to a complete recovery.

Pillsbury Company

…Time and again, you had the creative solution, the tough negotiating point, or the quick response necessary to keep our insurance claim on track… I am convinced that without your unflagging enthusiasm for this claimwe would not have settled as quickly, nor for as much as we ultimately did…

Richard Q. Russeth Vice President - Associate General Counsel The Pillsbury Company

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