Supplemental Funding Sources in Community Recovery


...reconstruction process. It is available when authorized under a presidential major disaster declaration, in the areas of the state requested by the governor. Federally recognized tribes may also submit a request for a presidential major disaster declaration within their impacted areas.

The amount of HMGP funding available to the sub-recipient is based on the estimated total federal assistance, subject to the sliding scale formula outlined in 44 CFR §206.432(b). This formula provides for up to 15 percent of the first $2 billion of estimated aggregate amounts of disaster assistance; up to 10 percent for amounts between $2 billion and $10 billion; and up to 7.5 percent for amounts between $10 billion and $35.3 billion. For states with enhanced mitigation plans, the eligible assistance is up to 20 percent for estimated aggregate amounts of disaster assistance not to exceed $35.3 billion. (Source: FEMA)

Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM)

PDM, also authorized by the Stafford Act, is designed to assist states, territories,...

FIGURE 2: Chart indicates some of the agencies and programs through which federal disaster assistance came between 2011 and 2013 as noted in the analysis conducted by the Center for American Progress. (Weiss &Weidman, 2013).


Homeland Security FEMA Disaster Relief Fund

Agriculture Farm Service Agency Federal Crop Insurance

Homeland Security FEMA National Flood Insurance

Housing and Urban Development Community Planning and Development CDBG-Disaster Recovery Assistance

Transportation Federal Transit Administratinon (FTA) FTA Public Transportation Emergency Relief Program

Transportation FHWA Federal-Aid Highway Emergency Relief Program

Defense Army Corps of Engineers Construction

Agriculture Forest Service Fire Suppression (total)

Agriculture Farm Service Agency Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments

Agriculture Farm Service Agency Agriculture Disaster Relief Fund

Defense Army Corps of Engineers Flood Control and Coastal Emergency Act Disaster Preparedness

Small Business Administration Office of Disaster Assistance Disaster Assistance Loans

Defense Army Corps of Engineers Operations and Maintenance Defense Army Corps of Engineers Mississippi River and Tributaries

Homeland Security Coast Guard Ensuring Resilience to Disasters

Interior Wildland Fire Management Suppression Operations