Lack of Teamwork Could Be the Real Disaster



...purchase of generators prior to an event could be the difference between recovery and demise, as the likelihood of obtaining one after a large-scale disaster is slim.

Before an organization can develop the necessary organizational strategies, it must first be determined who will be involved in the process. When making this determination, it is important to realize that the people who develop these procedures will ultimately take a hands-on role in their implementation.

The development of a dedicated “disaster team” is the first step in the planning process and the foundation of a successful recovery. At a minimum the team should include the following 1  :

Recovery Manager

The recovery manager fulfills an important administrative role. Ultimately this person will make the final decision regarding strategies, priorities and settlements. The role of recovery manager can be a “titular” one, or it can be an active one. For the manager who chooses to take an active, informed role in the planning and recovery processes, possession of the following attributes is necessary:

The responsibilities of the recovery manager are to:

The development of a dedicated “ disaster team ” is the first step in the planning process and the foundation of a successful recovery

1 If an organization does not have personnel on staff to fill these positions, it may be necessary to use outside consultants and/or professionals.