Lack of Teamwork Could Be the Real Disaster



Lack of Teamwork Could Be the Real Disaster

Tornado - Hurricane - Flood

Issue 1

By Jeff Shaw

Would you know exactly what to do if a tornado, hurricane or flood struck tomorrow, and would your organization ultimately survive if one did? In addition to the loss of infrastructure and equipment, you must also deal with out-of- work staff, strained resources and an attack on financial reserves; all of which can destroy the future of your organization.

Even if your organization avoids direct damage from a disaster, operations will likely be interrupted by damages to power supplies, road systems, water resources and civil enforcement measures such as limited access and curfews.

A common denominator with those agencies that have difficulty with their recovery is the absence of progressive mitigation strategies, a detailed recovery plan and a team to implement both. Something as simple as the...


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This issue is the first in a series which will present guidelines for proactively and effectively managing federal disaster grants by outlining nine key steps to a successful recovery. This first article begins with the cornerstone of disaster management – disaster planning. Subsequent issues will detail the eight other crucial steps following a disaster, outlined on page 7.

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