Expecting the Unexpected Part of the Unexpected

ADJUSTERS INTERNATIONAL .COM 1 A D J U S T I N G T O D A Y Expecting the Unexpected Part of the Unexpected Adjusters International Disaster Recovery Consulting For a company struck by disaster, whether it be from natural causes like a hurricane, flood, tornado or earthquake; or unnatural causes such as fire, explosion, equipment failure or terrorism, an ingredient crucial to survival is preparedness. Traditionally, that’s known as “expecting the unexpected.” However, if it was as simple as that, far fewer companies would be so severely devastated by such losses. Our experience at Adjusters International tells us that there is much more to the process. In fact, because there are aspects of catastrophic losses that even By Ronald A. Cuccaro, SPPA President & Chief Executive Officer Surviving Disasters: Natural or Otherwise EDITOR ’ S NOTE The text for this article was taken from a presentation given by Ronald A. Cuccaro at “Beyond Entrepreneurship,” a national forum of business owners sponsored by Business Week magazine. The topic of discussion is some of the preparations that can mean the difference between survival and collapse in a company’s ability to recover from an insured catastrophe. —Sheila E. Salvatore, Editor