State-Managed Disasters: Another Perspective


...disasters in the future? And why or why not?

Schulz: Philosophically, it won’t change anything. The changes are going to be around the edges, a little bit in implementation, less about state-led than about FEMA’s new Public Assistance Delivery Model. Any of the tweaks or changes that we’re going to have to make will be more a result of the New Delivery Model than anything else. One of the things we’re going to have to be cognizant of and maybe make some changes or tweaks to is our staffing and reservist model — how and when we do trainings, and how we create and maintain sustainability with our reservists from a training perspective.

Andrews: FEMA touts that one of the many benefits to the State-Led Public Assistance option is that it helps build recipients’ internal capacity and capability to respond to and recover from disasters of all sizes, thus enhancing the readiness of the Recipient and Subrecipient for catastrophic events. What are your...

FEMA/David Valdez