State-Managed Disasters: Another Perspective

State-Managed Disasters: Another Perspective

Although FEMA rolled out its comprehensive State-Led Public Assistance Guide in February 2019—and the concept of states leading Public Assistance operations for smaller disasters itself dates back to 2001 when FEMA began allowing the practice—many states remain hesitant to engage in such operations. The experiences of one, Arizona, are highlighted in Disaster Recovery Today issue #8001.

This issue builds on that by providing the perspective of another state, North Dakota,which has been extensively involved in State- Led Public Assistance since the beginning. The information is in an interviewwith North Dakota’s Homeland Security Director, Cody Schulz, conducted by Tidal Basin’s Regional Vice President, David Andrews.

The interview addresses both the benefits and challenges of the State-Led PA Program, and howNorth Dakota has tailored its operations tomeet those challenges. Once again, it is valuable insight for officials of other states that are considering participation in the Program.



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