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Latest Toolkit Measures Sea Level Rise

FEMA’s latest Toolkit (version 5.1) includes a Sea Level Rise (SLR) measurement. The new kit provides a place for users to enter the estimated Sea Level Rise for their project location. The estimated sea level rise elevation will be added to the current 10-, 25-, 50-, and 100-year flood elevations for the area in the Toolkit.

There is no mandate for the inclusion of estimated Sea Level Rise for HMA applications, but a relative SLR can be included in flood elevations when conducting BCAs in coastal areas, using a full-data flood module.When performing structure elevation projects that have freeboard requirements, SLR estimates should be added to the freeboard requirements that may have been adopted in local or state building codes. Freeboard is a safety factor usually expressed in feet above flood level for the purpose of floodplain management.

A grantee or applicant may use any valid source that is based on recognized SLR estimation methods. There are several federal government sources of relative SLR data along coastal areas, including:

SOURCE : FEMA FAQ sheet – Incorporating Sea Level Rise into Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) BCA FAQs —December 2013

Also of Note

Other published studies conducted or recognized by states, territories or tribes can be utilized, but must be provided as part of the project application for verification. These newmethods will facilitate better preparation of a BCA for Hazard Mitigation Assistance, Grant Applications and recognizing additional benefits not previously considered.