Proper Benefit Cost Analysis Key in Mitigation Grant Application


FEMA’s Hazard Grant Mitigation Program is a powerful tool to help communities that have experienced a major natural disaster implement measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of suffering similar devastation in the future. Mitigation measures encompass risks to people and property.

Essential to applying successfully for a hazard mitigation grant is comparing the cost of the mitigation with the dollar value of the benefit(s) it is projected to deliver.

In this issue, Luanne Principe, Senior Disaster Recovery Manager with Adjusters International, reviews the many factors that must be considered in preparing this all-important Benefit Cost Analysis.

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In Disaster Recovery Today issue #4008, “Mitigation Funding in the FEMA Public Assistance Program,”we explored FEMA’s mitigation funding through the 404 and 406 programs — including their history, benefits and importance to communities.

Issue #4013, “Mitigation Measures Sound Investments in Disaster Recovery,” addressed mitigation action plans and understanding the foundation of hazard mitigation. Alternative funding approaches were discussed in issue #4016, “Supplemental Funding Sources in Community Recovery.”

Proper Benefit Cost Analysis Key in Mitigation Grant Application

By Luanne Principe