Implementing the Recovery Plan: Project formulation, worksheet development...



Debris removal and emergency protective measures are the two categories of emergency work.

Permanent work falls into five categories: repairs to road systems; water control facilities; public buildings and equipment; public facilities; and parks, recreational, and other.

According to the FEMA Job Aid for Project Formulation , “more than one category of work may be combined in a single project if the combination is practical and within the emergency or permanent work categories.” Emergency work can be combined with permanent work if the emergency work is part of the permanent repair.

FEMA will provide assistance for applicants who are unable to formulate a project and develop a Project Worksheet.

There is a lot to consider in formulating the project, and both parties should work together to come up with a logical and reasonable plan for recovery. FEMA encourages applicants to come forward with an assessment for the scope of work and, for small projects, a cost estimate.

Project Worksheet (PW) Development

We firmly believe that it is important that applicants develop a hands-on knowledge of the preparation of PWs and maintain an active role in the recovery process. The PW’s starting point is FEMA Form 90-91, SEP 98.

The PW and its attachments A-D are drafted to document an applicant’s financial claim for disaster-related expenses. The PW will travel through the entire reimbursement program from formation to drawdown, thus an applicant will hear it referred to often. Familiarity with its contents and its role in the reimbursement program is essential.

The PW process is the foundation of an applicant’s public assistance effort. Experience shows the importance of the applicant taking a proactive role to ensure that vital and objective information is included.

It is an applicant’s responsibility to identify the eligible scope of work to the project officers. Applicants should present well-documented information to the PO or the inspection team that includes clear, descriptive, date-stamped photos (submit copies, keep originals on file).

The document should include a concise narrative regarding methods and requirements for the specific repair, and create a file of labor, material, and equipment records based on FEMA criteria. This should be submitted with actual repair costs detailed by labor, materials, and equipment costs.

Project Catagories:

FEMA offers flexibility in organizing and managing work around the applicant’s needs. Some ways to catagorize projects are: