Categorizing Losses

DISASTERRECOVERYTODAY.COM will be reduced by the amount that would have been available from a standard NFIP flood policy whether or not the facility was actually insured.


Office equipment and furniture should be replaced with used or surplus, if available. Repair if feasible.


Consumable supplies will be replaced to pre-disaster quantities.


Special equipment, such as two-way radios, is eligible. Blue Book prices should be used and salvage taken. Check for comprehensive insurance. If repair costs exceed $5,000, an insurance commitment will be required equal to the amount of damages.


Grounds around buildings may be included with building structure if it is to be handled as a single project, except trees and other plantings, which are not eligible.


For buildings with light damage, cleaning and painting is eligible.

As discussed in a previous edition of Disaster Recovery Today, FEMA and Subrecipients often disagree on building repairs, codes and standards, and equipment claims. The following should be kept in mind when dealing with Category E losses:

“If a Subrecipient is claiming an upgrade based on local codes or standards, they must be prepared to demonstrate that the standard existed prior to the event and that it is enforceable.”