Be Ready for the Next Disaster - and the Public Assistance Process!


Picture isWorth 1,000 Words

Needless to say, damage descriptions have much greater impact when accompanied by pictures. When depicting the impact of a major event, it is ideal to include photos of conditions before the damage occurred if possible and even more important to provide pictures of the damages and the finished repairs. First responders should be equipped with inexpensive digital cameras and fresh batteries or cell phones capable of taking reliable photos. It is helpful to have the devices set to include a date stamp on each picture. When it comes time to formulate PWs for grant reimbursement, photos, along with the aforementioned preparations, will expedite the flow of eligible funding.


Work performed under contracts for eligible disaster-related projects must meet certain requirements to be considered for reimbursement under the Public Assistance Program. Contracts must be for reasonable...

“Having a room-by-room, up-to- date inventory list with purchase documentation readily available will solidify the authenticity of your claim and significantly shorten the time you will have to wait for funding.”