Be Ready for the Next Disaster - and the Public Assistance Process!


...for reimbursement as either a project cost or direct administrative cost (DAC) 6 . Retaining an engineering firm through your contract procurement policy to detail the extent of work on all complex projects is advisable. Be prepared to establish a 30-, 60- and possibly a 90-day recovery plan in conjunction with FEMA and the state.

Here is the key documentation you should develop and maintain. You will need it early in your PA process and having it readily available will expedite your recovery:

As your recovery progresses, FEMA is likely to request additional documentation specific to projects that develop in these categories. For example:

Documentation is Critical

Accurate and concise documentation is vital to obtaining and maximizing your Public Assistance program funding. Implementing these preemptive measures can make this sometimes daunting process flowmore smoothly and quickly.

Consider the Possibility—and Be Prepared!

Today, with disasters of many types being more widespread than ever, no organization is immune from being impacted by one. As you consider the possibility —beforehand and if you ever become an applicant in a declared disaster — remember to keep three questions in mind: