The Valuation Gap: Obstacle or Opportunity?



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The Valuation Gap: Obstacle or Opportunity?

By Craig Gass

The following scenario is all too familiar. Unfortunately, so are the consequences.

For years, NMS company has been operated in a safe and efficient manner. With the exception of a minor property loss from time to time, it has had exemplary loss experience in the eyes of its property, business interruption, and boiler and machinery insurance carriers. From the broker’s standpoint, the account has been non-transactional, with the bulk of activity focused on the annual renewal. The insurance carriers’ rates have reflected the general rates of the industry, with occasional moderate increases...


In this issue of Adjusting Today , author Craig Gass discusses the question of who’s responsible when an insured falls victim to a valuation gap. He suggests some things the broker can do to eliminate the danger, solidifying his or her relationship with the client in the process.

—Sheila E. Salvatore, Editor