Property Loss Professionals: Who Are They and How Can They Help You?



Property Loss Professionals: Who Are They and How Can They Help You?

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Although their roles can sometimes overlap, the types of professionals an insured might encounter during the recovery phase of their property loss claim are likely to fall within one or more of six general categories — which is how we have organized our discussion.

Adjusters — Staff Adjusters, Independent Adjusters, Public Adjusters

When disaster strikes, one of the first calls a policyholder makes is to their insurance company. Although emergency responders such as firefighters and police are the first professionals to be on site, for most claims insurance companies will send out an adjuster within 24 hours to begin inspecting the damaged property.

In this early stage the carrier is trying to confirm that it is, in fact, a covered loss. They may also want to see if there is an opportunity to subrogate 1 or recover the loss costs related to your claim from another responsible party. Although you are not responsible for the subrogation process, you may be called upon to support and/or at least not hinder your insurance company’s efforts.


Losing a home or business to a fire or storm can be a traumatic experience for any property owner. With such a loss comes the need to file a claimunder your insurance policy.

The burden of proving the loss rests with you, the policyholder (or insured) —not your insurance company.

Many professionals, however, will be involved as you navigate through the claims process, prompting questions like—Who are these professionals? What roles do they play? How are they compensated? Are they licensed? How are they trained? Howwill they helpme as the policyholder? When do they enter the process?

This special edition of Adjusting Today ® helps answer these and other questions about the various professionals you could encounter during the recovery phase of your property loss claim.

Sheila E. Salvatore Editor