How to Make the Most of an Underinsured Loss


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How to Make the Most of an Underinsured Loss

By Ethan Gross, J.D.

After suffering a devastating property loss, perhaps the most frustrating news for policyholders is learning that they do not have enough insurance to cover their losses. Once the loss has occurred, of course, it is too late to increase the amount of insurance; but if informed and well prepared, agents, adjusters, CPAs and attorneys can assist policyholders in maximizing their insurance recovery and minimizing the impact of being underinsured.

This article will identify and provide an overview of the 10 most important avenues that can be explored by any insured faced with...


First comes the property loss … then the news that the insurance policy doesn’t fully cover the damages. The policyholder is under a second dark cloud before the first one even begins to clear.

That second cloud can have a silver lining, however, if the right expertise and strategies are applied to the adjustment of the loss. In this issue of Adjusting Today, attorney and public adjuster Ethan Gross shares his insight into what those strategies are, taking the reader through a step-by-step series of tactics for optimizing a claim settlement when, outwardly, the coverage seems inadequate to make such an outcome possible.

He presents these strategies as a well-organized, easy-to-follow “Ten Commandments” for handling the underinsured loss. They are not a substitute for having the proper coverage to begin with, but they can provide a silver lining on losses where that was not the case. It’s important reading and a valuable reference tool!

Sheila E. Salvatore Editor