Disaster Recovery Planning: Preparation is the Key to Surviving Disasters

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Disaster Recovery Planning: Preparation is Key to Survival

A hotel under construction could not open in time when part of the structure was destroyed by a tornado delaying its completion.

When an off-premises transformer was destroyed, an office complex without backup power became untenable.

A facility damaged by earthquake could not be immediately repaired because of the devastation and shortage of workers.

A shopping mall damaged by Hurricane Katrina could not operate for some time because of the shortage of building materials.

By John W. Marini Chief Operating Officer & Vice President Adjusters International


Making sure the right insurance program is in place to protect your organization after a disaster may not be enough to survive in today’s business world. A vital ingredient to recovery is a comprehensive and well-tested disaster recovery plan.

Given the rise in the number and scope of recent disasters, it has become increasingly important to establish a plan that will allow you to get back in business in the shortest time possible.

This issue of Adjusting Today briefly explains the basics of disaster recovery planning, coupled with interesting facts and statistics about the impact of natural and man-made disasters in the world in which we reside and conduct business.

We hope you will find this material helpful in improving your organization’s disaster preparedness.

— Sheila E. Salvatore, Editor