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Insights for Your Industry® is an E-publication designed to help specific industries protect their property. Articles are written from a policyholder’s perspective and include real-life examples intended to improve disaster preparedness.

Insights for Your Industry® is provided free of charge as one of the public service offerings of Adjusters International, Inc., disaster recovery consultants. It is provided for general information and is not intended to replace professional insurance, legal or financial advice for specific cases.

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Issue #1007

Keys to Successful Restaurant Operations — Good Sanitation/Quality Control Practices and Sufficient Insurance

Insurance needs that restaurant operations should carefully consider include property insurance, business interruption, general liability, products liability. . .
Issue #1006

Ordinance or Law Insurance — Are You Covered?

Does your hotel carry ordinance or law insurance? The absence of this coverage can significantly increase a hotel's potential exposure to loss.
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Issue #1005

Coinsurance — What Is It and Why Is It Important?

What is coinsurance and how can it affect the settlement of a property loss? The objective of coinsurance is to reward those who insure at close to full value and penalize those who do not. . .
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Issue #1004

Bed Bug Infestation — A Concern for Hospitality Industry

Standard commercial property insurance does not provide coverage for insect infestation. However, today insurance companies are offering the coverage for commercial enterprises such as the hospitality industry. . .
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Issue #1003

Your Annual Insurance Check-Up — Why Bother?

A hotel may be a well managed operation that is consistently profitable and viewed favorably by its guests. Management and prosperity aside, however, things can change in a moment's notice by a property. . .
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Issue #1002

Innkeeper’s Liability for Loss to Guest’s Property

Under common law, an innkeeper or hotelier was liable for loss or damage to guest's property for the full value, unless the loss was caused by an act of nature (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. ), civil unrest, or the fault. . .
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Issue #1001

Automatic Sprinkler System Malfunctions

Automatic sprinkler systems are an essential element of fire protection today. If they are properly inspected, tested and maintained, they typically will respond as expected in the event of a fire. However, whether the system is responding to a fire or simply malfunctions. . .
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