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Insights for Your Industry® is an E-publication designed to help specific industries protect their property. Articles are written from a policyholder’s perspective and include real-life examples intended to improve disaster preparedness.

Insights for Your Industry® is provided free of charge as one of the public service offerings of Adjusters International, Inc., disaster recovery consultants. It is provided for general information and is not intended to replace professional insurance, legal or financial advice for specific cases.

Protestors 2
Issue #1020

Human Hurricanes

Why Insurers May Treat Riot Claims Different Than Pandemic Claims
The title of this piece is "human hurricanes," and it will help readers to understand how riots are similar to windstorms, whose damages are covered under property policies, but different in nature from pandemics, which insurers consider to be "uninsurable. "
Kitchen Counter
Issue #1019

Home-Sharing for Apartment Buildings and Condominiums

Condominium associations and owners of multi-unit housing are embracing that time-honored maxim rearding short-term "home sharing" rentals of individual units.
Busy Street
Issue #1018

Insurance for "Loss of Attraction"

In recent years, the idea of "loss of attraction" has taken on a broader and more ominous implication, and property owners should be aware that insurance is now available to address abrupt declines in business due to the perception that an area has become dangerous, undesirable, or inaccessible.
Dog Eating Dinner
Issue #1017

What's Your Policy Toward Pets? You Need To Have One.

Enter "pet friendly" into a search engine today and you'll generate numerous listings of retail outlets, employers, and even dining and hospitality establishments that allow - and even invite - pets to accompany their owners.
By the Bay
Issue #1016

Marina Property Risks Need Careful Scrutiny

Marinas are fun, but they are also a unique collection of risk exposures, including water, electricity, fuels, unsure footing, and, often, alcoholic beverages.
Drone Flying
Issue #1015

Drones: The risks and rewards

With the ability to conduct more thorough surveillance at lower cost than human inspectors and security personnel, drones are likely to become part of the property manager’s common toolkit very soon
Issue #1014

Guns on Premises

What's the safe approach?
For property owners and managers, recent laws on the restriction of firearms mark a milestone in the privatization of liability for public safety
Hurricane Flooding
Issue #1013

Disaster Preparedness - Why Hotels Need to be Ready

This edition discusses the key ingredients in building an effective plan to deal with hotel loss exposures such as terrorist threats, flooding, chemical spills, riot and civil commotion, earthquakes, fires, and more.
Peeps Conveyor Belt
Issue #1012

Food Production Industry's Unique Exposures to Loss

Special Attention to Insurance Coverage is Required
This edition focuses on special insurance coverages unique to the food industry needed to reduce the risk of exposures such as spoilage, contamination, equipment breakdown, product recalls, and more.
Steak Dinner
Issue #1011

Two Occasionally Overlooked Insurance Needs of Restaurants

This article identifies two important insurance needs that some restaurant businesses, particularly smaller operations, may not believe are essential, but could cost as much or more than a typical property or liability claim.
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