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First published in 1989, Adjusting Today® is a comprehensive and popular free resource for today’s adjusters, insurance agents, brokers, risk managers, attorneys, and business owners. Authored by leading experts and written from the perspective of the policyholder, it covers a variety of the current and critical insurance topics related to property damage and business interruption claims.

Please keep in mind that Adjusting Today® is provided for general information and is not intended to replace professional insurance, legal and/or financial advice for specific cases.

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Adjusting Today® Basis for The Institutes’ CE Courses

The Institutes is the leading provider of knowledge solutions for risk management and the property casualty insurance industry. It offers continuing education courses based on technical information compiled from Adjusting Today®. These courses are titled “Valuing a Property Insurance Claim” and “Natural Disasters: Coverage Issues.” Each course includes seven modules and is approved for credit by insurance departments in most states. Depending on the state, they are offered to property insurance producers or adjusters, or both, for up to three continuing education credit hours. For more information, please visit

AdjustingToday 3030 cover
Issue #3030

Pair, Set and Match

Replacement of Undamaged Hotel Furnishings Ensuring a Uniform Look
It should come as no surprise that when a hotel is damaged by a disaster, it is expected that replacement furnishings match throughout the hotel. As a result . . .
Adjusting Today 3029 cover image
Issue #3029

The Length of the Road Back from Disaster

Four Rules for Measuring the Business Interruption Period
How long does a business suffer the consequences after a disaster strikes and how long should the insurer pay a business income loss? There are four major, distinct . . .
3028 underinsured loss cover
Issue #3028

How to Make the Most of an Underinsured Loss

After suffering devastating property damage, perhaps the most unwelcome news for policyholders is learning that they do not have enough insurance. Ten important avenues that can be explored . . .
AdjustingToday 3027 cover
Issue #3027

Hurricanes and Windstorm Coverage

Case Studies and Explanations of Applicable Coverages
Understanding your insurance policy before a disaster strikes is essential to protecting your organization and ensuring a fast recovery. Having contingency plans established in advance will help you . . .
AdjustingToday 3026 cover
Issue #3026

Functional Replacement Cost

History and Application of Available Coverages
For older structures with ornate or obsolete features, replacement cost coverage to replace these with like, kind, and quality can be exorbitantly expensive. In order to make coverage . . .
AdjustingToday 3025 cover
Issue #3025

Valuable Papers and Records

Understanding the Exposures and Available Coverage
The loss of research documentation, accounts payable, and all forms of valuable papers, records, books and other printed media, could be devastating to an organization. Whether you choose . . .
AT03 1old page 1 1
Issue #3023


Dealing with Damaged Inventory After a Loss
Fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane…most often the property is only partially damaged. While some may view the damaged property as useless, it can hold value and provide an opportunity . . .
AdjustingToday 3021 cover
Issue #3021

Agreed Value Clause

Friend? or Sometimes Foe?
The Agreed Value Option is an excellent tool for policy holders to avoid the penalty of the coinsurance clause in both property and business income insurance. It can . . .
3020 Business Income QA
Issue #3020

Business Income Insurance Q&A

Answering Tough Questions on Complex Coverage
Business Income Insurance following a disaster can be critical to an organizations survival. A previous Adjusting Today business income article generated a steady flow of questions; six of . . .
Screen Shot 2017 11 29 at 12.39.20 PM
Issue #3017

Property Insurance Claims

Negotiating Unfamiliar Terrain
Following disaster damage just having insurance coverage in place does not guarantee that the property insurance and business interruption claims will be fully reimbursed. The final settlement can . . .
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