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First published in 1989, Adjusting Today® is a comprehensive and popular free resource for today’s adjusters, insurance agents, brokers, risk managers, attorneys, and business owners. Authored by leading experts and written from the perspective of the policyholder, it covers a variety of the current and critical insurance topics related to property damage and business interruption claims.

Please keep in mind that Adjusting Today® is provided for general information and is not intended to replace professional insurance, legal and/or financial advice for specific cases.

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Adjusting Today® Basis for The Institutes’ CE Courses

The Institutes is the leading provider of knowledge solutions for risk management and the property casualty insurance industry. It offers continuing education courses based on technical information compiled from Adjusting Today®. These courses are titled “Valuing a Property Insurance Claim” and “Natural Disasters: Coverage Issues.” Each course includes seven modules and is approved for credit by insurance departments in most states. Depending on the state, they are offered to property insurance producers or adjusters, or both, for up to three continuing education credit hours. For more information, please visit

AdjustingToday 3041 cover
Issue #3041

Earthquake Insurance

What's Your Exposure?
As this issue of Adjusting Today® was being prepared, the earthquake and resulting tsunami of March 2011 struck Japan. That concurrence put an exclamation point on what already was the theme of this edition . . .
AdjustingToday 3040 cover
Issue #3040

Coinsurance/Insurance to Value Revisited

An Essential Concept in Property Insurance
The need to adequately insure property, whether it be commercial or personal, is one of the most fundamental concepts of insurance. Its importance is acknowledged by insureds, agents . . .
AdjustingToday 3039 cover
Issue #3039

Insurance Coverage For Collapse

How Has It Changed and Why?
Webster's lead definition of "collapse" seems so clear and straightforward as to preclude the possibility of such an event being debatable. Yet in the field of property insurance, few concepts have been as open to interpretation. . .
AdjustingToday 3038 cover
Issue #3038

Increased Cost of Construction Coverage

Understanding the Complexities of this Important Protection
Your business, including its landmark headquarters building, has been devastated by fire. Rebuilding will be a daunting task, but as you begin the process, you feel some comfort . . .
AdjustingToday 3037 cover
Issue #3037

Builder's Risk Insurance

Specialized Coverage for Construction Projects
Moving into a newly constructed or renovated building is an exciting time. It’s the culmination of a complex undertaking, involving a spectrum of activity from land acquisition to . . .
AdjustingToday 3036 cover
Issue #3036

Margin Clauses Making Agreed Value Options Extinct!

As disasters and their ramifications have dominated property insurance headlines in recent years, a less-publicized development has been the gradual implementation of the “margin clause” on commercial property . . .
AdjustingToday 3035 cover
Issue #3035

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Too Important to Ignore!
Equipment Breakdown Insurance: Few Coverages Create as Much Confusion and Misunderstanding. Even the most seasoned insurance professional will admit that the depth and complexity of equipment breakdown policies . . .
AdjustingToday 3034 cover
Issue #3034

Soft Cost or Delay in Opening

Insure for the Potential Exposure
This edition of Adjusting Today® features an in-depth article that addresses the all-important topic of soft cost or delay in start-up coverage. Author Tony D´Amico has more than 30 years . . .
AdjustingToday 3033 cover
Issue #3033


Understanding and Recovering from One of Nature's Worst Disasters
Each year floodwaters will rise and numerous properties will be destroyed. Flooding can occur just about anywhere, and other than fire, it is the most common widespread disaster.
AdjustingToday 3032 cover
Issue #3032

Overhead and Profit

Its Place in a Property Insurance Claim
The inclusion of General Contractor Overhead & Profit in property damage insurance claims is traditional. Overhead and profit is. . .
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