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First published in 1989, Adjusting Today is a comprehensive and popular free resource for today’s adjusters, insurance agents, brokers, risk managers, attorneys, and business owners. Authored by leading experts and written from the perspective of the policyholder, it covers a variety of the current and critical insurance topics related to property damage and business interruption claims.

Please keep in mind that Adjusting Today is provided for general information and is not intended to replace professional insurance, legal and/or financial advice for specific cases.

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Adjusting Today Basis for The Institutes’ CE Courses

The Institutes is the leading provider of knowledge solutions for risk management and the property casualty insurance industry. It offers continuing education courses based on technical information compiled from Adjusting Today. These courses are titled “Valuing a Property Insurance Claim” and “Natural Disasters: Coverage Issues.” Each course includes seven modules and is approved for credit by insurance departments in most states. Depending on the state, they are offered to property insurance producers or adjusters, or both, for up to three continuing education credit hours. For more information, please visit

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Issue #3049

Making the Policyholder Whole:

Property Insurance Coverage for Both the Damaged and Undamaged Parts of a "Pair or Set"
First-party property insurance generally covers the replacement cost of property that is actually damaged, such as in a fire or hurricane.
Issue #3048

Business Interruption Coverage Times Three

Prepare for Overlapping and Contrasting BI Provisions under Property, Equipment Breakdown and Cyber Policies
Business interruption (BI) claims have long been both crucial to a company’s recovery and among the most intricate insurance losses to adjust. Until recently, BI protection came mostly under the firm’s commercial property or equipment breakdown policies.
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Issue #3047

Being a Named or Additional Insured Not Always Necessary for Coverage

True or false: the only parties that can receive proceeds from an insurance claim settlement are those the policy specifically identifies as named or additional insureds. Widespread belief might say this statement is true. But it is not always.
AT3046 issue image
Issue #3046

Understanding Improvements and Betterments

Be Mindful of Lease and Insurance Provisions
Insurance expert Robert Prahl addresses how courts have ruled in relevant cases regarding insurance coverage and lease provisions while outlining the applicable language found in standard policy forms.
Adjusting Today 3045 cover
Issue #3045

Vacancy/Occupancy Clauses; Protective Safeguards Endorsements

In this issue of Adjusting Today, author Robert J. Prahl, CPCU, examines the subjects of vacancy/occupancy clauses and protective safeguards endorsements in property insurance.
AdjustingToday 3044 cover
Issue #3044

Business Personal Property of Others

Insuring It Properly Involves Many Considerations
If one ponders the types of businesses involved in bailments, such as for leasing, safekeeping, or for performing some kind of cleaning, repairing or servicing of personal property, it is an infinite number.
AdjustingToday 3043 cover
Issue #3043

Sue and Labor Clauses

The Basis for Mitigating, Expediting and Other Policy Provisions
In this issue of Adjusting Today, well-known insurance expert Donald S. Malecki, CPCU, examines policy provisions for mitigating and/or expediting expense, especially their root in the historic sue and labor clause.
AdjustingToday 3042 cover
Issue #3042

Difference in Conditions Coverage

What Is It and Who Needs It?
Difference in Conditions coverage: who needs it? Any business that needs more protection than that provided by standard property insurance, especially with regard to the flood and earthquake . . .
AdjustingToday 3041 cover
Issue #3041

Earthquake Insurance

What's Your Exposure?
As this issue of Adjusting Today was being prepared, the earthquake and resulting tsunami of March 2011 struck Japan. That concurrence put an exclamation point on what already was the theme of this edition . . .
AdjustingToday 3040 cover
Issue #3040

Coinsurance/Insurance to Value Revisited

An Essential Concept in Property Insurance
The need to adequately insure property, whether it be commercial or personal, is one of the most fundamental concepts of insurance. Its importance is acknowledged by insureds, agents . . .
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