Property Insurance Roundtable

Hail Damage Can Create Difficult Insurance Claims


Hail can cause hard to see dents and fissures in and around your property or home. A regular inspection schedule can help you, the policyholder, to ensure your claim is filed in an appropriate amount of time and that small damages are not overlooked. Professionals such as public adjusters are available to you when hail damage occurs and they are able to assist you in filing your claim. This episode has real advice from real people in the business of adjusting. Listen in to get your hail damage questions answered.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:10] Why is hail damage so difficult to detect on a property?
  • [03:57] The definition of cosmetic damage in insurance terms and how it relates to hail damage
  • [05:53] Why is hail damage on the surface a cosmetic issue rather than a functionality issue?
  • [09:15] If hail storms happen frequently, will replacing a roof stop the damage?
  • [10:11] Defining ISO and AAIS endorsements
  • [13:20] Are there exclusions to the endorsements?
  • [13:57] Does the type of roof matter for coverage?
  • [14:29] How are roofs covered in HOA’s and multi-family policies?
  • [15:53] What does the actual cash value adjustment of roof surfacing provide for policyholders?
  • [17:19] Will you have problems getting a roof replaced if it is over 20 years old?
  • [18:57] What is the best way for a policyholder to prevent hail damage on their property?
  • [22:08] What do insurers need to know about hail damage claims and cosmetic damage?
  • [22:53] Additional discussion points…
  • [24:52] If a client replaces a roof under an insurance claim are they able to get future coverage?
  • [25:41] Additional discussion points regarding hail damage…
  • [27:41] What happens when water damage is caused by hail damage?
  • [28:52] Figuring out the root cause of the damage after a weather event
  • [30:36] Which professionals are available to help policyholders in the event of a claim?


Jim Beneke is a strong and effective advocate for commercial property owners in the aftermath of a devastating property loss. A third-generation public adjuster, he has a reputation for honesty and integrity in negotiating a fair and proper insurance settlement for his clients.

Jim’s grandfather founded A.C. Beneke & Company in New York in 1927. With the 1965 launch of The Beneke Company in Dallas, Jim’s dad R.G. Beneke introduced public adjusting to Texas and the Southwest. Twenty years later, The Beneke Company was an integral part in