Adjusters International and the Tu Hogar Renace Program... helping Puerto Ricans recover sooner!

“Adjusters International is proud to be able to use our decades of experience and global expertise in disaster recovery to get Puerto Ricans back into their homes and accelerate the recovery process across the island. We have made extraordinary progress in the last week alone and we look forward to making even more progress in the weeks ahead.”

- John Marini, President & CEO

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Key Statistcs of the Tu Hogar Renace program as of Feburary 27, 2018 include:

(These numbers are increasing dramatically each day)

Number of Puerto Ricans validated as eligible to receive Tu Hogar Renace program benefits. This number continues to grow daily.
Number of home inspections conducted all across Puerto Rico on eligible properties in the last week alone by Adjusters International to assess and prepare to repair damage. This rate is increasing daily.
Number of homes all across Puerto Rico ready for construction and under construction after Adjusters International inspections. Construction is completed under a separate contract by seven construction firms. Adjusters International does not provide construction services.
Total number of Puerto Ricans now employed to work on various components of the Tu Hogar Renace Program, including 800 hired by Adjusters International directly. This figure does not include permanent employees at Puerto Rican companies Adjusters International is partnering with for work on this program.

Adjusters International has a long history of disaster recovery throughtout the world and right here in Puerto Rico!

Adjusters International has guided numerous clients to financial recovery from some of the largest natural and man-made disasters, requiring extreme flexibility, technical expertise, advocacy and the ability to mobilize quickly.

Our experience supporting FEMA Public Assistance applicants and recipients is unsurpassed. Our disaster recovery expertise has allowed us to work on behalf of clients such as Monroe County STEP Program (Hurricane Irma ’17), Lee County, FL, Monroe County, FL, City of Key West, FL (Hurricane Irma ’17), The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (’93 World Trade Center Bombing, ’01 Terrorist Attack, and Hurricane Sandy ’12), Lynn County Iowa (’08 Floods), City of New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina ’05), Steele County, MN (’10 Floods), and many other counties, cities, schools, hospitals and tribal nations across the country. We have represented the states of New York, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Puerto Rico Homeowner Financial Assistance


City of New Orleans


Lee County, City of Fort Myers, City of Sanibel (Florida)


Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001


Holy Cross Hospital


Monroe County, Florida - Hurricane Damage x 4!


Port of Gulfport, Mississippi


Government of Kuwait


Responding to the Worst Disasters

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The following is a sampling of clients that our public adjusters have helped in San Juan and throughout Puerto Rico:

  • Ambassador Plaza Hotel & Casino - San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Dupont Plaza Hotel - San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Joyuda Seafood, Inc - Joyuda Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
  • Lincoln Realty, Inc - Bayamon, Puerto Rico
  • Mario's Restaurant & Hotel - San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Municpalities of Puerto Rico - Rincon, Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico Telephone Company - Santurce, Puerto Rico
  • Suiza Dairy - San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Turabo Medical Center Ltd. - San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Villa Dorado Resort Condominium - Dorado, Puerto Rico

In the wake of both the Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma disasters, Adjusters International is managing the FEMA STEP Program – Tu Hogar Renace – to assure Puerto Rico homeowners have financial assistance for electric service, repair of roofs, walls and windows, natural gas or propane service, and removal of debris.

To see if you qualify:
Hotline: +1 855-675-4480

Rising Phoenix Holdings and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Adjusters International and Tidal Basin, employ 75 professional and administrative staff at its Utica, New York, headquarters, and an additional 30 personnel at our offices in Alexandria, Virginia.

Through our joint venture, Vanguard Emergency Management, we deployed over 10,000 Housing Inspectors and over 500 additional project staff to assist FEMA with their response to the extraordinary 2017 hurricanes.

We have 250 Program Staff presently working on the PR FEMA STEP Program – Tu Hogar Renace – and we expect to add 200 more within the next 10 days. We also have 500 inspectors on standby awaiting their initial inspection assignments. Within two weeks we will have over 1,000 people working on the Tu Hogar Renace project, of which approximately 85% will be residents of Puerto Rico.

In addition, we have 100 professionals assisting other government clients with their recovery from a number of federally declared disasters.

We still have some 20 staff assisting New York State with its Superstorm Sandy recovery; at one point we deployed over 400 personnel to assist with that event.

Our total personnel currently at work for Rising Phoenix Holdings and our entities is approximately 450. This number will rise to approximately 2,000 as the Tu Hogar Renace project is fully staffed.

Rising Phoenix Holdings Corporation was awarded the project management contract for the FEMA STEP program in Puerto Rico and is currently delivering the services through the disaster recover expertise of its wholly owned subsidiaries; Adjusters International and Tidal Basin.

Adjusters International is a wholly owned subsidiary of RPHC (Rising Phoenix Holdings Corporation)
Tidal Basin is a wholly owned subsidiary of RPHC (Rising Phoenix Holdings Corporation)


  • 1993 World Trade Center Bombing
  • The State of Oklahoma following the Oklahoma City Bombing - 1995
  • Explosion at York International
  • The Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center after Hurricane Katrina
  • Village of Saranac Lake, New York Suffers Damaging Blaze
  • Bank One Tower in Fort Worth following Tornado
  • Gerber Childrenswear following Hurrincane Georges
  • Continental Subsidiary in Guam Devastated by Typhoon
  • Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center following Hurricane Katrina
  • Biltmore Hotel following Hurricane Katrina and Wilma
  • Treasure Bay Casino following Hurricane Katrina
  • Houston Independent School District following Tropical Storm Allison
  • South Pacific Lines following a Flood
  • Pillsbury Company following Earthquakes