Innkeeper's Liability for Loss to Guest's Property

Although a hotel’s liability is limited by statute, the limitation applies only if the hotel has followed the requirements of the statute concerning conspicuously posting notice of the availability of safes, etc. In the situation where those requirements are not followed, the limitation would not apply and the hotel could be responsible for the full value of the stolen or damaged property. 2

It is important that hotel management is familiar with the law applying in their state as well as any updates to the law. A website is available that describes the various state statutes, 3 but keep in mind that these statutes can change.

Insurance is available for innkeeper’s liability through an innkeeper’s liability policy or through the Guest’s Property endorsement available with the Crime insurance policy. Check with your agent or broker to determine specifically what he or she recommends.

Innkeeper’s Liability for Loss to Guest’s Property



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