Proper Debris Management



...water stop boxes, etc. The contract must address how damage will be assessed and reimbursed.

Finally, the contract must include a termination clause.

Be Aware

Immediately after a disaster strikes, debris-removal contractors might start to contact the applicant to solicit work. Occasionally, some contractors claim connections to — or certifications from— FEMA that do not exist!

The contractors might volunteer to supply a “FEMA- approved contract at FEMA rates.” Be aware that FEMA does not distribute approved contracts or set rates. All contracts should be carefully reviewed by the applicant’s purchasing department and legal counsel. A very useful resource is FEMA RP9580.201, which contains detailed information on contracts and has sample bid sheets for debris-removal operations.

Monitoring Required

FEMA requires that all contracted debris removal be monitored to avoid fraud or waste. An applicant’s employees can be trained to be debris monitors or outside assistance can be hired (using appropriate procurement methods) from sources who have special expertise in debris monitoring. The monitors will keep track of trucks in the field and set up inspection stations at the disposal areas. At these stations load tickets should be issued, recording such data as the time, truck number, contents, load size and where the debris was picked up. For more details on this see FEMA Fact Sheet 9580.203, titled Debris Monitoring.

Debris Management Starts

Before a Disaster Strikes Taking the time to formulate a detailed debris management plan before a disaster strikes helps to identify and resolve potential issues that might arise ahead of time, without the pressure and time constraints that would be faced in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. Furthermore, if a disaster does occur, having a careful plan to follow minimizes response times and maximizes recovery efforts.

Elements to include in the plan:

Elements to include in requests for bids/proposals:

“ Be aware that FEMA does not distribute approved contracts or set rates. ”